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Video Portfolio.

Træ (Yet Another Camera Test - Canon R5)

A Teaser clip from our upcoming film "A stroke of luck"

A 2019 Studio Live shoot (mixed) 


"A Stoke of Luck"2019 Mini documentary (Camera only)

A Christmas 2018 Short film esque visual test.

Mum And Me (18 min run and gun documentary) (Camera/sound/edit)

A 2019 Outdoor film. (Social Media cut)


A 2018 shot B-roll camera test exploring shooting handheld and weaving this into a semi narrative.

A 2019 Outdoor film. (Camera/sound edit)

2 Hour Hen Music Video Experience (Directed/Shot/edited)

Magic steps dance company

A 2018 Behind the scenes documentary film. (camera/sound/ edit)

A 2018 Documentary intro style film sizzle (Shot/edited by me).

A 2017 Visual film.

A 2017 Advertising Film I made while volunteering (Shot/edited by me).

A 2016 Early short visual film.

A Showreel of some of my earlier work.

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