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From an early age, Milo Chandler has always had a camera in his hand.


From the cooling towers of Chernobyl to the press area at 10 Downing Street it's fair to say if it exists he's probably held a camera towards it at some point and in doing so still loves taking pictures.

Studying at both Leeds city college and the Northern film school Milo honed his craft before joining the NHS during the COVID lockdown, Following the end of the pandemic Milo moved full time into being a photographer and got his UKPCA press card. 

Milo is currently the photographer magazine and continues to work across the UK as a photojournalist supplying images to the UK press through Alamy Editorial with recent inclusions in both Al Jazeera and the Times. 

Milo specialises in documentary photography and is currently covering the UK response to the Palestine conflict but is always open to commisions and new projects.

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